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Slides from ATX

Found Slides

Set 1 – I ran across a bin of slides while in Austin.  They are dated 1962-1967. There’s a handwritten transcript of the slides, making note of when and where they were taken. The Gulf of Siam, Iran, Sunset over Cambodia to name a few. Photographer unknown. 

Set 2 – There were several slides with dates from 1987. The collection includes a trip to Universal Studios, the Back to the Future DeLorean is on display.



The photographer is currently unknown. The slides were purchased in Austin, Texas.

I’ll continue to update this page as we go through the slides. The stories they share or the stories they allow us to make up serves for inspiration in the studio. 


The slides will be added as they are scanned in. 

1962 to 1967; 1987
Purchased in Austin, Texas