She Chose

She Chose

“She Chose”  is dedicated to those who have chosen to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces, highlighting the choice to serve and acknowledging there are moments they didn’t choose.

The paint does not extend to the edges of the sixteen sheets of paper to emphasize the expectation that the choice to serve will come first. The final piece of “she chose” represents the time when your service is over. “All” incorporates all the colors from the “she chose” series with the paint extending to the edges of the uniform paper acknowledging the freedom the Veteran now has to express themselves fully while still acknowledging their experiences while serving.


2015/Paper made from the uniform of Sgt Laly Cholak, a combat veteran in conjunction with the Peace Paper Project. Oil and Acrylic. 

ALL Shown in 2015/Celebrating Women In Service – Fort Mason Center San Fransisco

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